Google Maps Lists

When traveling somewhere new, I always do a little research to get a lay of the land before I arrive. Google Maps is the most useful tool that I use for keeping track of places that I want to go to! Its so useful for traveling in terms of storing/sharing saved places, viewing restaurant reviews and menus, or getting multi-modal directions based on various modes of transportation. My favorite feature of Google Maps is using lists in order to save different restaurants, bars/clubs, and/or any other place that piques my interest; the best part is that they are shareable so an entire group can view/edit them or you can share them with a friend who might be going to that city in a few weeks! Another super useful feature is that you can download maps for offline usage if you don't have any mobile data.

Below is my collection of lists on Google Maps that I have generated so far throughout my travels! As I travel, the current lists on here will automatically update as I update them and I will continually be posting newer lists as I travel to more cities and countries. These lists all contain places that I have personally visited and can vouch for from experience. Click on the underlined title to access the lists!

South America:

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