Need any recommendations on travel gear? Well, check out what I'm hauling around the world and maybe you'll see something you need or want!

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Handy Accessories

Noise-Canceling Headphones

These budget-friendly, noise-canceling headphones have been great for traveling! Can hardly hear a thing on planes. Highly recommend!


Carabiners are super useful to quickly hang something from your bag. I like locking carabiners to make sure that nothing accidentally falls off


This travel pillow is perfect for minimalists who need a small neck pillow. Inflatable for small storage space and includes a hoodie for covering your eyes!

Inflatable Travel Pillow with Hoodie

This travel pillow is perfect for minimalists who need deflatable neck pillow

Microfiber Towel

Quick-drying microfiber towels that are a must-have for travelers!

Glasses & Contact Case

Super useful case that stores both glasses and contacts, for minimizaing the hassle of switching between them when traveling


Clothing Items


Main luggage backpack

I love using this bag! Such a high-quality bag that makes traveling a breeze. The top part is a detachable daypack as well that adds extra storage space and versatility

Collapsible backpack

This collapsible, lightweight hiking backpack is perfect as a daypack or just an extra bag. Hangs off my main bag folded-up when not in use.

Organizer for Clothes

This organizer has been awesome for me! This has really helped me keep my backpack clean and organized while on the road!

Protective Airport Cover

This cover has really helped preserve my bag from harm when checking it for flights at the airport! HIghly recommend as it also gives tons of extra space in case you need it.

Main Carry-on Backpack

This Oakley bag is the perfect carry-on travel bag and one of my favorite bags I've ever had! It has tons of internal storage space, a separate shoe compartment, and a really supportive hip belt. High-quality backpack that I highly recommend

Security Items

Security Belt

An awesome belt that can be used to safely store money within. I usually will keep some emergency cash in there in case it is necessary.

Money Belt

Money belts are an easy, safe way to keep important items hidden like passports, cash, and credit cards

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