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Welcome to my new website!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Hey! Thanks for visiting my new website! This will serve a few different purposes, but mostly as an easy way to publicly share all of my travel research and recommendations with others. It finally hit me one day that I should make a central-source for all of my experience

I've already put up a few lists from Google Maps under the "Destinations" tab for some of my favorite hostels and food places throughout South America, as well as lists for food and nightlife specifically in Buenos Aires since I spent 6+ months there. I will continually be updating those lists as I continue to travel and accumulate more places to share!

Eventually I'll be creating some itineraries for some popular destinations, writing about some of my favorite trips, sharing delicious food recipes, and much more!

Thanks for following along my adventures!


July 23, 2020

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Hey! I'm Brendan or "bcon" as most of my friends call me. Welcome to my website/blog/repository for all things related to traveling!


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